HB Production Planning - Lawn Bowls

HB Production Planning - Lawn Bowls

HB Production Planning - Lawn Bowls

HB Production Planning - Lawn Bowls

The Broadbeach Bowls Club is in an enviable position, located very close to the waves of Broadbeach and will be the venue for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls competition.

During June, 2017, we organised a Production Planning Meeting for Lawn Bowls so to coincide with the scheduled Multi Nations Lawn Bowls Event at Broadbeach Bowls Club and we flew in some our senior lawn bowls production team from across Australia. Joining us for this event was Producer, Keith Mackenzie and Director, Arthur Hill. Both gents have been involved with many lawn bowls broadcasts and bring a wealth of lawn bowls television experience to the Host Broadcast.

Time was scarce for the task ahead and we were hoping to squeeze our requirements into a single day. A tight schedule so our guests could meet their flights home on time.

We started at NEP HB HQ on the Gold Coast, where our visitors were able to meet other members of the Host Broadcast team before taking to the Boardroom to work through the current Lawn Bowls Production Plan. Much of the first hour is taken up with our philosophy and protocol requirements for the games. An intricate, but necessary part of every host broadcast that portrays what we want to achieve and the way we want to achieve the best outcome as Host Broadcaster.

Before heading off to spend some time on site at the bowls club, we spent the rest of our allotted time for the theory of the host broadcast lawn bowls coverage, reviewing the camera plan for both fields of play, highlighting the nuisances this venue throws up with its tight spaces that surround the playing greens.

The host broadcast plan is to give the viewers the most comprehensive look at the bowl position around the jack and we have employed the use of jibs at either end of each TV Rink to give us the best overhead view of that area or in bowls terms, “The Head”.  Closest to the “Jack” wins!

These jibs will be positioned on the actual playing surface. A surface usually reserved for flat souled bowling shoes or the social bowler’s barefoot, so we are very thankful for the cooperation of the GOLDOC Competition Manager, Mark Casey and the Broadbeach Bowls Club Turf Management Team in supporting our Jib requirements.

Mark Casey, a world class bowls player in his own right, was on site and able to take time to meet the Host Broadcast crew. Here with Keith and Arthur, we were able to discuss the competition plans and gather feedback on some of the ideas that were tabled in the Lawn Bowls PPM. The feedback was very positive and now we can document our thoughts and hopefully put them into action.

With the light fading and after having hopefully covered all of our requirements, we retired to the clubhouse to review the day over a lemon squash. Both Keith and Arthur left the Gold Coast very happy with the insights into our plan and a couple of their observations for us to investigate.

Well bowled team.
Shane Street
Coordinating Producer