HB Production Planning - Cycling

HB Production Planning - Cycling

HB Production Planning - Cycling

HB Production Planning - Cycling

Competition Day 1-4 April 5 to 8
Day 1 - Track Cycling

NEP HB welcomed our Cycling Director Steve Docherty after his 24 hour long-haul from the UK, and a bayside breakfast, NEP HB put Steve to work right away at the brand new Anna Meares Velodrome, Brisbane.

Attending were:
Steve Docherty, Producer/Director [NEP HB]
Mark Corser, Venue Technical Manager (VTM) [NEP HB]
John Downie, Broadcast Venue Manager (BVM) [NEP HB]
Mario Silvestri, Coordinating Producer [NEP HB]
Sally Heading, Sport Competition Manager [GOLDOC]
Lisa Oakley, Host Broadcast Integration Manager [GOLDOC]
To say Steve was impressed would be selling it lightly. Steve believes the velodrome is the most impressive he has seen and can’t wait for the GC2018 Games to commence.

Anna Meares Velodrome hosted the 2017 Australian Track Championships In March. South Australia’s Patrick Constable and Stephanie Morton captivated a packed velodrome by roaring to the national sprint crowns. All agree this venue will deliver a world class competition for the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.

The purpose of the PPM (Planning and Production Meeting) is to discuss planning and placement of the 15 cameras throughout the venue to enable NEP HB to plan and deliver hopefully the best televised coverage of track cycling to the Rights Holding Broadcasters (RHBs).


Day 2 - Cycling Road
Competition Day 6 TT April 10 & Day 10 RR April 14

The Iconic Currumbin Beach is the start and finish for Individual Time Trial, Road Race and Race Walks. NEP HB has an 18 camera narrative including 2 Helicopters and 4 Moto Cameras to cover both of the road cycling events.

Spectators will have kilometre after kilometre of prime vantage points to witness the adrenaline-charged racing with the beauty of the Gold Coast as a backdrop.

Elephant Rock’s elevated camera position that highlights that beauty.

The challenging course winds through the picturesque Currumbin valley, where crowds will line the streets with flags and banners of support. We drove the course to mark out individual timing points (ITP) and Camera deployment to be able to “Tell the Story” in the best possible way.


Day 3 - Nerang MTB
Competition Day 8 - Thursday 12 April

The Nerang Outdoor velodrome is staging the start and finish of the MTB competition. Competitors will pass through the velodrome 6 to 8 times before the winner crosses the finish line. Spectators will have ticketed access to velodrome and free access to all sections of the trails.

Kilometres of new and upgraded mountain bike trails in the Nerang State Forest have been developed ahead of GC2018. The trails make up the first international standard mountain bike course located in South East Queensland. Diverse track styles, including fast flow trails and slow-speed steep and technical trails will challenge athletes.

Steve Docherty (Director) and our NEP HB crew walked the 4.2 km course twice to finalise the best camera positions for the 44 camera coverage required to provide a continous coverage of the MTB competition.

The course has 4 Signature sections that are very steep and technical and will produce some spectacular racing. NEP HB has maximised camera placement in these areas to ensure nothing is missed. A Helicopter is being deployed to enhance the coverage

The PPM for Cycling was a great success and plans are now moving forward to a final delivery stage. 

The Production team here at NEP HB is very pleased with progress to date.

Mario Silvestri
Coordinating Producer